Saturday, June 9, 2007

May Jobs: 44nd Consecutive Month of Growth

The economy added 157,000 jobs in May, making it the 44th consecutive month of job growth.

“We had a very weak performance in the first three months of the year,” observes Richard Yamarone of Argus Research, “but now we’re in the middle of the year and economic conditions are extremely bright.”

Jared Bernstein, senior economist with the Economic Policy Institute, notes that “[t]hough job growth of this magnitude is moderate, if it persists, it is likely fast enough to provide consumers with the needed income growth to propel the economy forward in coming months.”

But we still need to raise taxes?


Hail Chaser said...

They just reported this data at the top of the hour on CNN last night. NOT!!! The DOW goes up 100 ho hum, it goes down 10 it's "Panic sell off on Wall Street, women and minorities hardest hit! Is this the end of the bubble?"

rich said...

Interesting how Big Media can censor things like this. Sigh.