Saturday, December 8, 2007

Free iPod Touch Giveaway!

I just discovered a free file service called “FileLime.” The site is currently hosting a blog contest to give away a free iPod touch. Register here.

Now, about FileLime: It’s a free and incredibly simple host that will allow you to upload a file online to link to. Its strength lies in its simplicity—there’s not even a registration processes. Just select the file and click “upload.” It’s incredibly diverse, it takes photos (keeping them in full quality), PDF files, or your Social Security Number (don’t look for mine). If it’s a file on your computer (not an application, though), chances are you can upload it. You’ll see I’ve begun to use it to link to PDF versions of some of my research papers.

On the other side of the ledger, its greatest strength may also be its greatest weakness. The sheer simplicity of it neglects to provide any instructions or help. For instance, there’s not even an “About This Service” page on the website to explain what they’re about, if I want to find a file later without saving the address, I’m not sure how I would.

Overall, it’s one of those obvious ideas you wonder why no one thought of before—and wonder how long it will last.


LEGIT freebies dude! said...

Seems like a nice contest. Thanks for mentioning it.

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Ipod Touch Giveaway
iPod Touches will be given away as follows:
250th Registered Member With Uploaded Notes
500th Registered Member With Uploaded Notes
1000th Registered Member With Uploaded Notes
1500th Registered Member With Uploaded Notes
2500th Registered Member With Uploaded Notes

Member Who Uploads the 500th Note
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