Wednesday, September 5, 2007

2008 Breaking News: John Edwards is a Populist

Who picks up Labor Union endorsements. Thank you, Mr. Edwards, I'll be sure to consider that when casting my vote.

“The union movement is not just important for the past, it is crucial to strengthening and growing the middle class in America, crucial to lifting millions of Americans out of poverty,” Mr. Edwards said while visiting a region of the country where the steel and manufacturing businesses have declined.

You can just see a plethora of empirical data ooze from that statement. You can, can't you? Surely someone can. I'm just inferior.


Shaun Connell said...

John Edwards is my hero.

Barley said...

Finally! FRED THOMPSON is IN! I like your add at the right supporting F.T.

Do you think it will be H.C. vs F.T? I think John Edwards will be the runner up instead of Hillary.

The D.B.R. (the Democrat,booing Republican)
My initials btw.