Saturday, September 29, 2007

Preparing for Chinese Olympics: Fantastic

Amid the international discussion regarding the merits of a somewhat tyrannical government hosting the 2008 Olympics, TIME magazine reported the most important preparations underway:

Government officials say some 4 million Beijing residents have received English language lessons. Famous for aloofness and droll irony, the city's people have been getting training in other areas too in the hope that they will curb their spitting, erratic driving, incessant littering and inability to form an orderly line.


Garrett Harmon said...

I fell out of my chair laughing. :)

Privacy keeper said...

Did I ever tell you that my dad went over there last November? He said that the drivers are exactly as you described them. Drivers pass each other on a two lane road, ingnoring the fact that there is a car ahead of them! Don't believe me?! I've got video to prove it the next time you come to my house. The "No driving on shoulder" law would be of absolutely no use over there! :)


Garrett Harmon said...

Will, are you going to do an article on SCHIP?